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40 Year Recertifications- South Florida Building Recertification

Planning is the Key to Understanding

If you are reading blog, chances are, you have received a notification from your City or County requiring you to perform a 40 year Inspection of your property within a given amount of time. Here at Scavuzzo and Associates P.A. we have performed many of these types and other construction related specialty inspections. The first thing that comes to mind for many is the expense required and aggravation to not only performing these inspections, but to perform any repairs that are needed as well.

First, you need to know that we are on your side. Many inspection companies want to “cover their basis” by requiring repairs that are not necessarily required such as: plumbing, site work, and mechanical. We will only mention items that are SPECIFICALLY AND ABSOLUTELY required by the criterion of the 40 Year Recertification. Provide you a detailed list (if there are items that are to be repaired)…and follow-up with an inspection to provide you with a “100% clean bill of health” so that you can then get your certification problem-free from your City or County. We make a commitment to you that we are with you every step of the way.

We have been performing these inspections for over 30 years, longer than most other inspection companies out there which afford us to provide you this service not only at a reasonable price but hassle-free and keep your repair costs at a minimum. Having a team of Architects, Engineers and General Contractors make us very familiar with all of the facets of the construction trade and have prided ourselves on the relationships we build not only with our customers but many of the Building Departments. Moreover, our staff has made a pint to work hand in hand with these officials, which is quite important… they are familiar with us. As a matter of fact, we are on the referral list of companies that the cities give out to those who need these services.

Selecting a company that will provide these important inspections is a very important step in the process. You need to ask:

  • Do they provide all of the professional inspections IN-HOUSE?….Yes, WE DO!-
  • ·Do they provide a list of repairs (if needed) and within the same report and a cost valuation?….Yes, We Do!
  • Do they provide IN-HOUSE structural and electrical professionals that can provide recommendations for repairs (if needed)?…Yes, We Do!
  • Are they a reputable firm that has been performing these inspections and how long?…Yes, We Have! Michael A. Scavuzzo R.A. has been in private practice for over 35 years.
  • Do they have a list of Satisfied Customers which can be called as a referral?…Yes, We Do

Hands down, in South Florida, Scavuzzo & Associates is absolutely the best value in town when it comes to performing the 40 Year Recertification. We take the extra steps to keep your repair costs down.

Give us a call at 305-776-8921 and/or ask for references or visit our company website at www.scavuzzoassoc.com

Michael Scavuzzo, R.A. 00004956

Marc Scavuzzo, CGC 1515090

Many of our customers ask, “Why do 40 Year Recertification’s exist”? When receiving their notice from the city or municipality advising that a 40 year recertification is required on their property?  A common reaction with disdain due to the additional and potential costs and aggravation that may be incurred through the process. Although it is true, there could be additional costs, the fact remains is that these 40 year re-certifications are at the forefront of a state-mandated program to ensure public and building safety. Many buildings undergo numerous changes throughout the years which many are performed without permits and pose a serious hazard. Other buildings are just old and contain hidden risks that may otherwise go unnoticed until it is too late. Through this policy, a design professional through engineering expertise is certifying and taking responsibility for the safety of the property.

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